ARK XO Extreme Off Road Coupling 3.5 Tonne


ARK XO Extreme Off Road Coupling

3.5 tonne for electric brake systems. Display carton includes a 50mm Tow ball.


  • Full offroad articulation
  • No more switching hitches
  • Quick-hitch locking system
  • Fits 50mm tow balls that comply with Australian Standards AS4177.2 and don’t have a flat flange
  • Complies to Australian standards AS4177.3
  • Strong fully cast steel parts
  • 3.5 tonne for electric brake systems.

XO 3.5 tonne coupling measurements

XO Coupling 3.5 tonne measurements

Full Offroad Articulation

  • Approach angle • Break over angle • Departure angle • Roll angle
  • Whether you are looking to improve your offroad capability, or just tired of constantly having to switch between an offroad hitch and a standard ball hitch, then the Ark Extreme Offroad Coupling is for you!
  • Plus with our unique “Quick-Hitch” locking system, it’s easy to hitch up and un-hitch on your own in just seconds.


The “Quick-Hitch” system


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