Boat Winch With Brake Lever System (Rated 1150kg)


Extra Large Boat Winch (with Webbing) - Rated up to 1150kg


  • Rated up to 1150kg capacity
  • 3 Gear Options  -  12:1 / 5:1 / 1:1
  • Unique, patented, magnetic snap-on handle
  • Solid plate gears
  • Launch control braking system
  • Quick release lever
  • 65mm x 7.5m UV Coated polyester webbing
  • Forged steel snap-on hook
  • Comfortable soft handle grip
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel bushes and washers
  • Multi-fit base

Launching and retrieving your boat has never been easier and less stressful with Ark’s new range of winches. Designed by Ark in Australia, each one is made from high quality durable materials that greatly reduce the impact saltwater has on all components of your winch.  Plus the 900kg & 1150kg winches also feature our unique patented magnetic snap-on handle.  This innovative feature prevents the handle coming off whilst you are winching and also ensures your winch handle will only come off when you choose to remove it - not before!


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